Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education

Here at Lively DSS we offer a full range of subject courses from grade 9-12

Grade 9 course offering
PPL10B/G – Physical Activity Course for males and females

Grade 10 course offerings
PPL20B/G – Physical Activity Course for males and females

Grade 11/12 course offerings
PPL3/4 – Physical Activity Course for males and females

PSE4U – Exercise Science. This course offers up one of the best leads into University Anatomy and Physiology. If you plan to head into Health or Sport Sciences, Medical, Biomed field this is the course for you.

PAD3/4 – Outdoor Education – What better way to spend your school days then outside in our natural elements? You will spend your days learning how to survive in the wilderness, construct shelters, learn how to apply First Aid, prepare and plan canoe trips and undertake a wide range of outdoor activities.

PAF3/4 – Fitness and Conditioning – This course provides students access to professional grade equipment in a commercial grade space. Students will learn how our bodies function in way that will aid them developing their fitness across a wide range of training methods. Students will get weekly opportunities to apply their knowledge of training through resistance training, group exercise, cardiovascular training in individualized programs that they learn to set themselves.

Lively District Secondary School - Fitness Video

PAI3/4 – Yoga

SHSM – Sport

Our specialist program focus here at LDSS is our “Sports” program. We have recently made a switch from a specific “Fitness” focused specialty program to allow for a wider focus in the Sport and Health Science field. Through this we will continue the focus we had the previous “Fitness” program, but will expand into the Business aspects of Sport, Journalism and Media in Sport and Sports Administration as well.

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