Athletic Code of Conduct

Athletic Code of Conduct

Athletic Code of Conduct

It is the philosophy of Lively District Secondary School that involvement in extra-curricular athletics plays an important role in engaging students in school life. The privilege of participation in athletics is given to our athletes in return for their accordance with this code of conduct. Athletes accept the responsibility of being a role model and representative of LDSS. This role requires that athletes abide by the following:

  • The athlete demonstrates responsibility for their academic program and their conduct in school activities, including extra-curricular events. Team lists will be provided to staff by coaches and updated when changes occur. Concerns regarding academic responsibility and class behaviour may be brought to the attention of the coach. Where concerns arise, a meeting will be held including all parties. The meeting will be solution focussed. Removal from team play could be the consequence of ongoing breaches of the code of conduct or serious misconduct.
  • Regular attendance is critical for academic success. If the athlete does not maintain an acceptable attendance record, removal from the team may be recommended. Acceptable attendance means: punctual and regular daily attendance. Regular daily attendance means no skipping.
  • The athlete displays RESPECT for ALL members of the athletic and school community including teachers, coaches, officials, opponents, and fans.
  • Students are expected to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are not allowed to drink alcohol, use tobacco or take illegal drugs when travelling or participating with any school team.
  • Students are expected to attend regular practices. Unless permission has been given directly by the coach to be absent, it is mandatory that players attend all practices. Keep up with your class work so that you don’t miss practice.
  • Bus rules apply to all athletes. Violation of bus rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension, or dismissal from the team.
  • An Athletic Fee of $40 per team must be paid prior to the first competition. (Exhibition games included) This fee will help offset operating costs. Students who do not pay this fee will not be allowed to play on the team unless financial need is shown.
  • When an athlete is selected to represent LDSS, it is expected that they shall meet this commitment for the duration of the season. Quitting the team without discussing the matter with the coach may result in loss of team privileges for up to and including a 6 school month suspension from team play.

NB: Coaches have the right to develop additional procedures specific to their team.


Progressive discipline will apply to any athlete up to and including a one year suspension from all team sports at LDSS. The Principal may take into account mitigating factors, and in collaboration with coaches, determine the length of suspension from team play.

During the time of the suspension, the athlete is expected to be a role model to other students. Throughout their suspension, the Athletic Committee will monitor the athlete’s behaviour on a regular basis.

Students who have been removed for academic reasons may be given the opportunity to resume play once academic responsibility has been elevated to an acceptable level.


The athlete who wishes to initiate a review process because new information has come to light, may submit a letter to the Program Leader of Athletics and the Principal within five school days of notification of suspension from team play.

If the Program Leader of Athletics and the Principal believe that a review is warranted, the Athletic Committee will be convened to hear submissions by the student and/or his/her parent about the incident and circumstances involved.

The Athletic Committee will be made up of the following:

  • Principal or Vice Principal
  • Program Leader, or designate
  • A Coach not directly involved with the situation
  • A Coach directly involved with the situation
  • Another administrator or coach

Following submissions, the Athletic Committee will adjourn to determine whether:

  • the discipline will be upheld
  • the discipline will be modified
  • the discipline will be expunged

The decision of the committee is final.