Vice-Principal’s Message

Vice-Principal’s Message

Vice-Principal's Message

Greetings and welcome to Lively District Secondary School.

As Vice-Principal, I have enjoyed feeling part of this community and feel invested in it’s future through the youth we serve in collaboration with partners across Walden.  Students at LDSS have made great gains in their academic achievement the past few years and it is in recognition of the dedication of students, staff, parents and the community at large that we celebrate their success.  It is common to have entire classes successfully pass their courses and provincial testing has confirmed that our students heading to Apprenticeships, University, College and the workplace leave with the skills and character attributes to be productive contributors to Canadian society.  Often it is the willingness of a local business to accept a student onto a co-operative work placement even part way through a semester that provides a turning point in the life of a youth at risk.  For this support and that of the social agencies we bring together to assist our students I am grateful and know that we all benefit when youth are coached to their potential in academics, co-curricular and in character development.

Secondary School is the time to get involved and there are ample opportunities in courses and through co-curricular programming for students to discover their interests and grow.  For example, a lifelong of enjoyment of the outdoors is made accessible through coursework in Outdoor Education where students become proficient at wilderness navigation and experience the beautiful country to be seen off the ends of the gravel roads close to our community.  A wide spectrum of school sports, the arts and clubs are available as are opportunities in student leadership through the student council and athletic association.  I encourage all to get involved in these and many more opportunities to make the most of your time here at LDSS.

Kyle Gutscher