Athletic Association

Athletic Association

Athletic Association

The Athletic Association of LDSS is comprised of various students at LDSS who want to help make their school a better place. The Council consists of a President, a Secretary and Treasurer, Intramurals Coordinator, Fundraising Representative, and usually a couple of grade representatives as well. As long as you have good academics, are able to work amongst others, and have exceptional problem solving abilities, you could have a future in the Athletic Association.

The Athletic Association of LDSS organizes many events throughout the school year to help sport to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the beginning of the year intramurals will kick off. The duration of these intramurals takes place throughout the entire year. Such events that will be put on are Open Gym, Ultimate Frisbee, Floor Hockey, Dodge-ball, Soccer, and many more! The purpose of these intramurals is to get the student body out there being active and getting involved. It is a great way for the freshman to meet lots of new people and make many new friends that last throughout their high school careers.

Athletic Association also takes on various other events such as the timing and officiating SDSSAA Sports, the Athletic Banquet, promoting Healthy Eating, and many more. The G.B.A.A. makes sure to make LDSS a healthier and more active school and has been doing an excellent job throughout the years!

The Athletics Council for 2018/2019

Teacher: Mike Asunmaa

Baylie Desjardins and Miranda Gray
Vice-Presidents: Kendra Rouleau and Reegan Lachance
Treasurer: Megan Davis
Officials Coordinators: Emma Hayes and Alex Bloomfield
Social Coordinators:  Emma Hayes, Cassidy Kraut, Riley Maanselka

Other Members: Mackenzie Irvine, Bella Hiros