Lively District Secondary School is dedicated to a more sustainable environment for our communities. We are committed to reducing our school community’s environmental footprint.

Feed the Bin!

Waste recycling is being encouraged throughout the school – in our hallways, the cafeteria and in classrooms. Each classroom has a blue box dedicated to paper and cardboard products. There are dedicated bins for plastics and aluminum cans in the hallways and in the cafeteria.

The EcoSchools committee works hard to educate everyone to feed the bin!

And now we compost! A new composting program will help reduce waste.

Awareness about conservation of energy is an ongoing focus. Our school grounds offer a natural, inviting area due to student efforts in re-greening and beautification projects. We have two chilled and filtered water bottle refill stations with a display screen to show the reduction in disposable water bottles achieved since installation. 

Because the environment doesn’t exist in isolation, neither does the EcoSchools committee. This group of dedicated staff and students work with all members of our school community about Environmental Awareness initiatives.