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Grade 10-12 Course Selections

Grade 10-12 Course Selections

Grade 10-12 Course Selections

A guidance counsellor is available to discuss course selections and post-secondary options.  Students should meet with their counsellor for academic counselling each year.

Prerequisite courses are deemed essential for the successful understanding and completion of a subsequent course.  Many grade 11 and 12 courses have prerequisites as a requirement for enrolment.  Parents and students are advised to consult prerequisites as established by the Ministry of Education when planning education and career goals.

While the Rainbow District School Board will make every effort to offer all the courses listed in our course calendar, it can make no commitment to offer those courses which are selected by only a few students.

Since all courses are available to any student, students are advised to consult the section “Requirements for Diplomas” before considering subject selection.  Before making their selection of subjects, students are asked to consider their interest and effectiveness in the subjects which they are currently studying, together with the requirements likely to be imposed on them by any post-secondary institution of education they wish to attend or future jobs they wish to acquire.

Students are encouraged to consult their parents, their school counsellor and their subject teachers before selecting courses and choosing the level of difficulty of each course. It is of prime importance that the program of studies selected will provide them with the requirements which their future educational program will demand.

Since students have free choice in the selection of their subjects, changes will seldom be allowed once their final selection has been made.  Only under very exceptional circumstances and only with the permission of the Principal will students be allowed to change courses during the school year.