The main goal we strive for at Lively District Secondary School is to help each student develop his or her potential as an individual and as a contributing, responsible member of society who will think clearly, feel deeply and act wisely.  In order to achieve this goal, the school facilitates the intellectual, physical, cultural, emotional and moral growth of each student.  LDSS strives to help each student develop more fully the knowledge, skills and aptitudes our students bring to school.

The involvement of the student, the parents, the staff of the school and the community is essential in the total education of the student.  All stakeholders share the responsibility for ensuring that students meet with success both during their school years and later in their adult lives.

Code of Conduct

At LDSS, the Rainbow District School Board Code of Conduct is used to teach students responsible citizenship.  It can be viewed at the following link:

Rainbow School - Code of Conduct